What's new in ASO Giraffe? June 2021

What's new in ASO Giraffe in June 2021!

October 20, 2021

Copy an existing variant, additional analytics (coming soon)

June's been a month of big changes and surprises so far! We've been heads down working on some larger features and stability improvements, which you'll hear more about soon, but that hasn't stopped us making some great improvements to the tool.

Copy variant

Using the copy button at the top right of the variant details section, you can now duplicate the metadata from any variant into a new variant. Variants created via the old method will still copy the base page.

Over time charts (coming soon)

We're putting the finishing touches to a new section of the 'Overview' tab in the experiments section that will provide more granular insight into how your installs and page views are developing over time in your experiment.

We're building a new way to run tests on Custom Product Pages
- Send traffic to Custom Product Pages from Facebook (right now!)
- Run A/B tests on your Custom Product Pages

Interested? Request access to the beta
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Changes to experiment completion states (coming soon)

We are also working  on adding some clarity to the experiment completion states and provide clearer next steps with experiment results.

What's up next?

Still working on video analytics and localisation (as per the previous update), we hope to have more news to share soon!

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