Hands on with Apple's new Custom Product Pages

Getting hands on with Apple's Custom Product Pages

December 8, 2021

it's happening!

As of Tuesday 7th December, Apple started rolling out Custom Product Pages and Product Page Optimizations to all developers. We took a look at the experience and are sharing some of the key steps here!

The first thing to point out is that the new experience will not appear in your dashboard by default. App Store developers must explicitly opt-in to the experience in order to receive it in their dashboard.

The good news is, you can do so here - and from our experience the approval time was almost immediate. Once approved, you'll get a message like so: 

Access to the new ASC experience enabled

So what's changed? Well, your ASC dashboard will now have some additional elements in the 'features' section: 

App Store Connect now has additional features

In-App Events (which have been around for a while), Custom Product Pages, and Product Page Optimization.

Let's visit the Custom Product Pages section...

We're building a new way to run tests on Custom Product Pages
- Send traffic to Custom Product Pages from Facebook (right now!)
- Run A/B tests on your Custom Product Pages

Interested? Request access to the beta
Request Access

Custom Product Pages

Clicking on Custom Product Pages, you get a modal with the following options:

Custom Product Page setup modal

At which point you'll be offered a few setup options:

Choosing the name and how to set up your CPP

You can choose to start from a blank custom product page, or copy an existing implementation that is already deployed in the stores (including unreleased builds).

After confirming this dialog, you'll be taken to a familiar-looking screen where you can setup your custom product page in the same way you would your regular app assets:

Final stage of CPP setup

Here you can copy the URL to your variant (which works before review, but will just redirect to your regular store page) and you can also adjust screenshots, localisation and formats.

Things to watch out for

Ilia Kukharev pointed out on Twitter that you should avoid using the word test in your... ahem... tests! Maybe Apple's reviewers haven't been told yet about the changes, but if you include the word test in your Custom Product Page you risk rejection on the App Store

Avoid these words in the 'reference name' for your test

Support on ad platforms

So when can you start using Custom Product Pages in your ads? In theory you should be able to just stick the URL into the ad platforms with the query parameters and it will work as intended. The issue is a little tricky because most ad platforms don't allow you to put in a URL directly for apps ads, instead putting your App ID only in.

Apple Search Ads have confirmed that CPP testing will be available next year (thanks Moritz Daan for pointing this out in the ASOStack Slack channel)

ASA support for CPP comes next year

No word yet on other platforms (Facebook etc.)

And that's it for Custom Product Pages for now while Apple reviews the variant!

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